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Fondis Wine Master C25

The Fondis Wine Master offers constant temperature and controlled humidity
to store your wine in perfect conditions

All refrigeration units come with a 2 years warranty.

All prices include VAT. Mainland UK delivery only


Model Wine C25/C25S/C25SR

Unit Dimensions - L540 x H380 x W525mm -    Weight:31 Kg

- Electrical power: 230-240v-50HZ




Wine C25

Cooling for cellar volumes up to 25m3
Price £1799.00 inc vat.


Wine C25S
Cooling & Heating for cellar volumes up to 25m3
inc vat.

Wine C25SR
Cooling and Heating for cellar volumes up to 25m3
Equipped with a heating belt against frost

Price: £2499.00 inc vat.

for cellar up to 25 cubic meters

For underground cellars solution or when there is no outside walls available.

WINE IN 25 with installation kit - Fixed against the wall-

Suitable for a room without windows.
Installation INSIDE Cellar.

Cooling & heating for cellar volumes up to 25 m3
Installation with an external air inlet and hot air outlet ducts.The installation is therefore practically invisible from outside.Only Two 125mm diameter holes are needed for the two 5 m ducts to be fitted.Electrical power: 230 -240v -50HZ
Unit Dimensions - L540mm x H 540mm x W630mm   

Price: £2779.00 inc vat.


Cellar door with frame

White insulated door with frame,made of lacquered steel with key lock.

Colour: white
Opening: left or right
Frame dimensions in cm: H 2050 mm x L765 mm

Please choose left or right door opening when ordering as the door is not reversible.

Price : £950.00 incl Vat




PC15 Door with integrated Air Conditioning

Cooling for cellar volumes up to 15m 3 .

Insulated door with lock, and frame and integrated wine conditioning unit.

Cooling power: 450W
Coolant: R 404 a (without CFC)
Sound level: 43dB to 45dB

Dimensions: H 2020mm x W 760mm x D 254mm

Price: £2699.00

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